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Dr. Alister MacKenzie

Posted on Jan 17, 2014


“A hazard placed in the exact position where a player would naturally go is frequently the most interesting situation, as then special effort is needed to get over or avoid it” 

~ Dr. Alister MacKenzie

LIVED:  August 30, 1870 – January 6, 1934

ORIGIN: Normanton, England (Scottish parents)

BEST COURSE:  Cypress Point

LEGACY:  Defied convention.  Revelled in creating variety and multiple options for play.  Thought that good design should be polarizing.  Strategy with design flair.



  • Alwoodley Golf Club, Leeds, ENG (1907)
  • Moortown Golf Club, Leeds, ENG (1909)
  • Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Melbourne, AUS (1926)
  • Cypress Point Club, Monterey Peninsula, California, USA (1928)
  • Pasatiempo Golf Club, Santa Cruz, California, USA (1928)
  • Crystal Downs Country Club w/ Maxwell, Michigan, USA (1929)
  • Augusta National w/ Bobby Jones, Augusta, Georgia, USA (1932)



  • Pebble Beach Golf Links, California, USA (8th & 13th green complexes)
  • Kingston Heath Golf Club, Melbourne, AUS (bunkering strategy)
  • Old Course at St Andrews Links, St Andrews, SCO (study plan)
  • Lahinch Golf Club, Lahinch, IRE (original layout by Old Tom Morris)


  • Surgeon for the British army during the Boer war where he studied the principles of camouflage.
  • Short-lived partnership with Harry Colt where he went to Australia on Colt’s behalf and would change the face of architecture in Australia
  • In 1914, MacKenzie garnered first prize in the Lido Competition which was eventually adapted for the 18th at Lido Golf Club.  The contest was judged by Horace Hutchinson, Bernard Darwin and CB Macdonald
  • Mackenzie’s worked to build Augusta National with Bobby Jones, a design based upon the playing style and experience of the Old Course at St Andrews


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  • Featured Image - Dr. Alister MacKenzie obtained from the Alister MacKenzie Society (click here)
  • Cypress Point, 15th hole obtained from George Waters (website)
  • Pasatiempo Golf Club, 16th hole obtained from Pasatiempo GC website (credit Julian P. Graham)
  • Royal Melbourne Golf Club, 10th hole obtained from Golf Club Atlas (click here)